The most effective ways to shift the winter weight quickly

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Training towards a goal or challenge is one of the best ways of motivating yourself to get up and moving, consistently.

You find yourself skipping workouts, or cheating on your diet more and more.

Take an evening to sit down and audit your fitness-based new year’s resolutions. Update them if you need, remind yourself of why you set them in the first place, draw up a plan of action to get back on track, and then do it.

Maintaining good fitness and a healthy weight isn’t about sudden bursts of inspiration as much as it’s about always checking up on yourself and getting back on track when you begin to falter.

Life gets in the way of everyone’s training sometimes. Dust yourself off, re-evaluate, and start again.

The most effective diet strategies for weight loss are the ones you can make a part of your life, and stick to effortlessly, through habit.

There are good reasons to try an intense diet (like the ketogenic diet) for rapid-speed fat loss, but it’s no good shedding the weight just to fall back into negative eating habits right afterwards.

Start small, today, and tweak your existing diet practices so that you have something healthy and sustainable to stick to.

The key is in not overthinking it and just picking up where you left off as if nothing happened. When it comes to fitness, you’ll have to take a few steps back to prevent injury, but you may be surprised how quickly you begin to gain back what you’ve lost (or lose the weight you’ve gained) once you finally force yourself to get back into it.

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