TEN easy and quick lunchbox swaps to get you eating healthy and fit forever

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Finding the time to make healthy lunchboxes can be a challenge, especially if you want your kids to actually eat what you pack.

1. Water instead of fruit drinks and cordial

2. Plain yoghurt with fruit instead of fruit-flavoured yoghurt

3. Seasonal fruit instead of a sugary snack bar

4. Veggie sticks or crackers with hummus instead of a muesli bar

5. Crackers or rice cakes with cheese instead of a snack pack

6. Multigrain or wholemeal bread, wraps or pitas instead of white bread

7. Colourful, hearty sandwich fillings instead of single spreads

8. Plain popcorn instead of potato chips

9. Dinner leftovers instead of sandwiches

10. Eat a rainbow instead of boring beige

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